What is the inner appearance of Taewool that the people of Taewool are talking about?
What is the biggest advantage of Taewool that you hear from the people of Taewool?

IT Headquarter

The best thing is the bonus news which comes suddenly,
the best thing is the special bonuses are paid from time to time.

Director Jeong**

5D Business Department

A company atmosphere that rarely works overtime, Rather the company
encourages vacations while avoiding overtime and providing company condos…
Life with dinner is also important.

Chief manager Lee**

Management Support Division

Sweets, fruits, etc. provided throughout the company.
When I see snacks, my heart is warm…
Is it just me^^

Chief Park**

Alfa Lab (Russia)

Organic Cooperation system with branches around the world such as Korea, Russia, China, etc.
A system like this is hard to find in the world!

Director Ar****

FI research center

AR, VR, Artificial intelligence (AI), etc. worldwide these days
As it is the hottest item, while working
I’m learning a lot. Isn’t this a good deal?

Chief manager Jeong**

IT Headquarter

With the world’s best technology and competitiveness
Other companies are envious.
It’s the biggest pleasure that I am existing in this company.

Chief manager Kim**