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Global No.1 in 5D Solution Department
Taewool, which surprised the world by developing and commercializing the world’s first martial arts online game in 1994.

When others used imported game engines to make online games, Taewool developed online games by developing its own game engine 100% based on the accumulated technology over the years; based on this, numerous users developed “Tiara 5D”, a 3D online collaborative real-time design and management solution, and it was able to become the global No. 1 company in the field of 5D solutions.
Without being complacent at the top, Taewool wants to become a leader in the 4th industrial revolution, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR, and VR.

Company General Status

Company Name

Taewool Korea Co., Ltd


April 10th, 1994


Jo Hyun Tae

Headquarter Location

Gangnam-daero 331 4th floor, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Business Area

5D BIM, 3D engine, artificial intelligence, image processing